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Nov 09 2011

REMINDER New Museum Tomorrow

Just a reminder that we will be going to the Carsten Holler show @ the New Museum tomorrow (Thursday)! Meet @ ITP elevators at 6:30 to go over together or text me (518-598-3775) and we will meet you there at 7pm.

Nov 01 2011

New Museum - 11/10 7pm

I am excited to announce that our next Art Out event will be to see the Carsten Holler Experience show at the New Museum. This show is bound to be spectacular, taking over 3 floors of the museum, including everything from a mirror carousel to sensory deprivation tanks. If you have never seen Holler’s work, it is assuredly worth the trip.

We will go during free night 7-9pm.
Let’s meet at ITP by the elevators at 6:30pm and travel over together.
If you want to meet us there at 7pm that’s fine too, just let me know via email ahead of time (hdh at nyu dot edu). Or text me 518-598-3775.


“Carsten Höller: Experience” is the most comprehensive US exhibition to date of the artist’s engaging work. The current show gathers together a number of the artist’s signature works in an arrangement that transforms the viewer’s experience of time and space. Originally trained as a scientist, Höller is frequently inspired by research and experiments from scientific history and deploys these studies in works that alter the audience’s physical and psychological sensations, inspiring doubt and uncertainty about the world around them. His work often draws on social spaces outside of the museum such as the amusement park, zoo, or playground, but the experiences they provide are always far from our usual expectations of these activities. Höller’s art takes the form of proposals for radical, new ways of living by creating sculptures and diagrams for visionary architecture as well as transportation alternatives, such as his renowned slide installations. These concepts may seem impossible in the present day, but suggest new models for the future.

Each floor of the exhibition explores a different general theme within Höller’s work to provide a carefully choreographed journey through the building and the artist’s oeuvre. The fourth floor focuses on the theme of movement—featuring the artist’s spectacular Mirror Carousel (2005), which provides riders with a notably different physical experience than the traditional fairground merry-go-round, while at the same time reflecting and illuminating the space surrounding it. The third floor gathers together works that seek to provide an altered or utopian experience of architectural space. For example, his Giant Psycho Tank (2000) invites viewers to float weightlessly in the water of a sensory deprivation pool, providing a tenebrous, out-of-body experience.

Over the years, the artist has employed psychotropic drugs, flashing lights, and other stimuli to potentially alter the viewer’s mental state. His new site-specific installation on the second floor, Double Light Corner, flickers back and forth on a central axis, creating an immersive, hallucinatory experience. The work is paired with a recreation of Höller’s Experience Corridor in which the viewer is given the choice to undertake a number of self-experiments. The sculptures, Giant Triple Mushrooms (2010), icons of the kind of personal exploratory journey that his work has always centered on, will also be on view. Taken as a whole, Höller’s work is an invitation to re-imagine the way in which we move through the world and the relationships we build as he asks us to reconsider what we think we know about ourselves.

Oct 21 2011



Here is a link to an archive of the materials we’ll be using for today ‘s sound walk. There are several MP3 files that you should load onto an audio player of some kind. If you’re coming, copy tracks 1 through 6 onto your iPod/phone or use the podcast link to download them as a set. We’ll provide prints of the photos.

Meet 1:30 pm at 59th Street and 6th Avenue, on the north side of the street beneath the rearing horse sculpture.

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Oct 17 2011

ITP ART OUT Friday - sound walk

Friday, October 21st, 1:30 pm, Sound Walk at Central Park:
Janet Cardiff’s classic  “Her Long Black Hair”.

We will meet at 59th Street and 6th Avenue, on the north side of the street beneath the rearing horse sculpture. The sound walk is using the archived materials from the original 2004 work. It is a recreation of the original piece.

This is a collaboration with alumni Dan Phiffer’s new media class at CUNY.


Oct 12 2011

Carsten Höller: Experience @ New Museum

This will definitely be an upcoming art out:

Carsten Höller: Experience

New Museum, 10/26/11 - 1/15/12
Lobby, Second, Third, Fourth Floors

This autumn, the New Museum will present the first New York survey exhibition of the work of the German artist Carsten Höller (b. 1961, Brussels, lives and works Stockholm). Over the past twenty years, Höller has created a world that is equal parts laboratory and test site, exploring such themes as childhood, safety, love, the future, and doubt. Höller left his early career as a scientist in 1993 to devote himself exclusively to art making, and his work is often reminiscent of research experiments. His pieces are designed to explore the limits of human sensorial perception and logic through carefully controlled participatory experiences.

The New Museum’s exhibition will include work produced over the past eighteen years in an immersive, interactive installation choreographed in collaboration with the artist. Höller will actively engage the Museum’s architecture, with each of the three main gallery floors and lobby of the building presenting a focused selection of pieces that demonstrate different experiential dimensions of his work. Functioning as an alternative transportation system within the Museum, one of Höller’s signature slide installations will run from the fourth floor to the second, perforating ceilings and floors, to shuttle viewers through the exhibition as a giant 102-foot-long pneumatic mailing system. The exhibition features a new light installation; disorienting architectural environments; a spectacular mirrored carousel; and a sensory deprivation pool, among others. Also included will be a recreation of Höller’s Experience Corridor, where viewers are invited to undertake simple but affecting tests on themselves.

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Oct 02 2011

ITP ART OUT - Chelsea

Weds. Oct. 5th
4pm sharp @ ITP (meet in front of the elevators)
Alums and others, text me if you want to meet us in the lobby of Tisch 721 Bway instead.

We will (try to) check out all the following free shows in this order (feel free to suggest others if you come along!)


The Kitchen
512 West 19th Street (between 10th and 11th ave)

Jennie C. Jones
Jennie C. Jones re-contextualizes the material output of sound recording in order to explore how we listen and how sound operates physically and metaphorically.  This new show centers on a sound score in three movements, titled From the Low, which is a digital “re-composition” from appropriated samples that operate in the psychological and emotional territory of ‘dark notes’, ‘deep chords’, and low frequency. Accompanying this sound score is a new series of ”Acoustic Paintings” made with soundproofing materials (also known as absorbers and diffusers) typically used in audio engineering and studio recording.

Joe Winter
The Stars Below
In this new series of sculptures Joe Winter juxtaposes conventions of information display against ways of reimagining and representing extended notions of geologic and astronomic time. Winter combines ordinary items typical to the workplace or educational settings (such as dry erase boards, chalk, or slate) with kinetic mechanisms to instigate gently destructive actions that echo processes such as erosion, sedimentation, or metamorphosis. The works reflect Winter’s ongoing interest in locating a scientific gaze within the framework of labor and data management, the macrocosm in the tedium, and in opening up possibilities of sublime notions such as “deep time,” within the everyday.


529 West 20th Street (between 10th and 11th)

Manfred Mohr
1964-2011, Réflexions sur une esthétique programmée
It was May 11, 1971 when the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris opened the influential exhibition “Computer Graphics - Une Esthétique Programmée”. A solo exhibition by Manfred Mohr, it featured the first display in a museum of works entirely calculated and drawn by a digital (rather than analog) computer. Revolutionary for its time, these drawings were more than mere curiosities – they signaled a new era of image creation, setting in motion a trajectory of modernism and information aesthetics.
Using Manfred Mohr’s work as a touchstone, “1964-2011, Réflexions sur une Esthétique Programmée” reveals, through his art work, a critical period of development in media arts. It examines shifting perspectives in art and the working methods that made the visual conversation of information aesthetics possible. How the computer emerged as a tool for art, results from its capacity for handling systems of high complexity, beyond our normal abilities.


Pace Gallery 1
545 w. 22nd st (between 10th and 11th)

Carsten Nicolai: Pionier
Berlin-based artist and musician Carsten Nicolai presents the U.S. debut of pionier I, a white silk parachute inflated with a wind machine, and raster gradient, a large-scale black-and-white gradient that optically expands and contracts the space of the gallery. The works travel to the gallery from the Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania, where they were first exhibited in the spring of 2011.


Tracy Williams, Ltd.
521 West 23rd Street (between 10th and 11th)

Anna Craycroft
Drawn to repeating Patterns

For her second solo exhibition with Tracy Williams Ltd, Anna Craycroft continues her inquiry into the cultivation and development of individuality. Through a series of works that are abstract and literal, decorative and schematic, Craycroft observes the allure of repeating patterns. Oversized rope structures inscribe the skeletons of crystal forms
within the architecture of the gallery. Translucent screens of dyed fabric overlay geometric designs into the windows. Slide projectors cast a sequence of colorful shapes to the cadence of Morse code messages.  In a set of children’s picture books, an image archive helps to narrate Craycroft’s ruminations on the significance of the patterns we observe within, around and between us.


Pace Gallery 2
510 West 25th Street (between 10th and 11th)

Social Media
investigating the ways in which contemporary artists approach public platforms of communication and social networks through an aesthetic and conceptual lens and examining the cumulative effects of social media on our daily lives. The show features works by Christopher Baker, David Byrne, Jonathan Harris, Robert Heinecken, Miranda July, and Penelope Umbrico, among others.

Sep 29 2011


Friday, October 14th, 9pm-1am
$10 advance, $15 door. All ages welcome.

At Judson Memorial Church
55 Washington Square South
Greenwich Village, NYC /
Facebook friend:
Facebook event:

 Auditorium is a new loft party for lovers of ambient, experimental, downtempo and slow electroacoustic sounds. Expect an evening of inspired music, immersive eight-channel sound, enchanting lighting, surreal decor and mountains of pillows.

Our audiologists for the evening are Ben Neill, Rowan, Watson, and Zemi17.
 Our venue is Judson Memorial Church, a century-old Mead, McKim & White national landmark in the heart of Greenwich Village. It features soaring ceilings, renaissance-style marble arches and elaborate LaFarge stained glass windows.

This edition of Auditorium is being presented in conjunction with Horizons, an annual conference exploring the cultural, philosophical, scientific and spiritual of psychedelics. Learn more at
Auditorium’s founders and directors are Kevin Balktick and Taylor Kuffner. Kevin Balktick is a designer and producer of imaginative experiences and culture events, including the Winkel & Balktick warehouse parties, The Lost Horizon Night Market and Horizons: Perspectives on Psychedelics. Taylor Kuffner (aka Zemi17) is a sound designer, media artist and composer who has performed across the world. Most recently, he is the creator of the Gamelatron, a MIDI-controlled robotic gamelan orchestra.

BEN NEILL is a composer, performer, producer, and inventor of the mutantrumpet, a hybrid electro-acoustic instrument. His music blends electronica, jazz, classical and ambient music influences, blurring the lines between DJ culture and acoustic instrument performance. He has been called “the mad scientist of dancefloor jazz” (CMJ), “a musical powerhouse, a serious and individual talent” (Time Out London), and “a creative composer and genius performer” (Time Out NY).

ROWAN is a multi-instrumentalist who is best known for her improvisational work blending acoustic harp with laptop. She is a member of the chamber group Ne(x)tworks, as well as the bands Family Dynamics, Stars Like Fleas and MERCE, and has performed at notable performance series including the MATA Festival, Whitney Museum’s Christian Marclay Festival, MoMA Monday Nights, MoMA PS1 Warm Up and Saturday Sessions. In May 2009, Ms. Burgon premiered a new piece for the Merce Cunningham Dance Company Hudson Valley Project at Dia:Beacon.

WATSON is the ambient electronic musical project of multi-instrumentalist Frank Watson Rose IV from the outskirts of Santa Fe, NM where he produces the under wide skies close to three mountain ranges and many coyotes. Watson performs almost exclusively with monome devices (, he organized the first Monome Community Tour in September of 2010, spanning 8 countries. In May, he produced the Gridfest, bringing in 13 electronic artists from around North America to Santa Fe to perform and give workshops for a three-day festival. This September he released his third album “Unconditional”

ZEMI17 is a composer, musician, sound and installation artist based in Brooklyn, NY. He is the co-creator, composer and art director for the Gamelatron, the world’s first fully robotic gamelan orchestra. He is a featured artist of the Berlin software company Ableton Live, teaches audio production at Dubspot, performs with the group Zero Gravity Thinkers, and is the resident DJ for the legendary Danger warehouse parties. He has received grants and awards from the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, The Trust for Mutual Understanding, New York State Council on the Arts, Indonesian Foreign Ministry, The Berlin Arts Council, EU / European Commission, James F. Robison Foundation, and The Soros


MOD Festival/ Mexico

Our alumni, Marco Castro is organizing and curating this MOD festival in Mexico next week. Many of ITPers will be showing their art works!


Nuit Blanche Festival/ Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Many of ITPers are participating this festival and hope the weather will be nice!

Sep 22 2011
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